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P200-GOGM. Greek Gods Mythology Chess Pieces

Ancient Greek Gods of Mythology Chess Pieces
Price: $249.00


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This fabulous set represents the wonderful and memorable Greek Ancient Mythology Gods. The pieces are hand crafted from antiqued Polyresin g stone with an opposing army stained in a deep rich burgundy brown.
The set includes some of the most important characters from Greek mythology such as Zeus- father of all gods and king of Mount Olympus, Aphrodite-goddess of love and daughter of Zeus, Asklepios- god of healing and medicine, Centaur- part horse part human creature, the Corinthian Column typical from the classical order and Pan- gods of Sheppard’s that represented with legs of goat, playing pipes, and horns.
The pieces are made from antiqued Polyresin, which is a durable crushed stone composite. They have the look, weight and feel of stone, but its durability is the same as plastic, combining the best of both worlds combine together in a wonderful set. The king of this set measures 7 1/2 inches.

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