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Chess Sets

We have chess sets for everyone from the beginner to the professional. Whether you are looking for a travel chess set to take with you, chess sets made of wood, pewter or marble, or a unique or theme chess set, we offer the widest selection at a guaranteed low price.

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Chess Computers from Saitek

A chess computer is a perfect way to practice and sharpen your game. We offer a variety of electronic chess set computers from portable to table top size.

Combination Chess, Backgammon & Checkers Sets

These combination game sets are ideal for the board game lover. They come complete with everything you need for a game of chess, checkers or backgammon.

Glass Chess Sets

These chess sets feature pieces and boards crafted in glass. Browse through a wide array of choices and variations in color and style. These elegant sets make for the perfect addition to any room.

Marble, Alabaster & Stone Chess Sets

Our marble chess sets are simply exquisite. They are crafted in a variety of shades of marble, alabaster and stone. Because of the natural variations in these materials, your set will always be "one-of-a-kind" as no two sets are ever completely alike.

Metal & Brass Chess Sets

A wonderful collection of entirely unique metal chess sets. Browse through a broad variety of hardwood and metal boards combined with pieces crafted in assortments of metal, alloy, bronze, copper, pewter and brass.

Sports Oriented Chess Sets

Like warriors on the battle field, our sports oriented chess sets set the scene for head to head battles between competing rivals. May the best team win!

Staunton and Wood Chess Sets

The Staunton design was developed in the early 19th century as a way of standardizing the many different variations of chess pieces. These chess sets feature wood Staunton chess pieces across a variety of board designs.

Themed Chess Sets

Each of these chess sets were designed around a special theme from literature or history. From Alice in Wonderland to the American Civil war, our beautiful array of themed sets are certain to captivate your attention.

Travel Chess Sets

We have assembled our collection of portable chess sets perfect for traveling. Take the game of chess with you anywhere you go!

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