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Chess Pieces

1st Chess Sets offers a wide variety of unique chess pieces, made of a variety of materials, including wood, ebony,ivory, metal, alabaster, and more. While we won't guarantee that any of our replacement chess pieces will improve your chess game, you'll enjoy your game more using chess pieces you selected yourself.

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Ebony Wood Chess Pieces

The luxurious black finish of ebony wood makes it the ideal material for high quality chess pieces. You will be proud to add any of these fine pieces to your collection.

Metal & Brass Chess Pieces

Named after the world famous 19th century chess player Harold Staunton, this classic chess piece design remains a favorite through today. These Staunton Brass and Wood Chess Pieces come in a variety of heights and finishes.

Rosewood Chess Pieces

We offer a wide selection of rosewood Staunton chess pieces, with king heights measuring from 2 1/2 to 5 inches tall.

Historical Chess Pieces

The game of Chess evokes history in the way it's played. Even the names of the game pieces remind us of Medieval Europe, when Knights did battle in service of their Kings and Queens.

Themed Chess Pieces

Add to your collection with our wide selection of theme chess pieces, ranging from Alice in Wonderland to the Civil War.

Unique Chess Pieces

Our collection of unique chess pieces feature designs that you may not have seen elsewhere. Made from rosewood, ebony, or sheesham wood, they will become a treasured part of your collection.

Wood Chess Pieces

The Staunton pattern has been the chess player's favorite since its introduction almost 200 years ago. These chess pieces are elegantly created from the finest woods.

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